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Our Story

Maria Vega founder of MV Snacks & Sushi LLC

Maria Vega comes from Movas a small town in Obregon Sonora where she grew up watching learning and tasting her Grandmother's Maria cooking. When she moved with her mother to the city of Obregon Sonora, she continued to cook and learn from Mama Trini may she rest in peace.

This is how her passion for the art of cooking was born, years later she moved to the city of Mesa Az., to accomplish her childhood dream that was having her own Refresqueria a common shop in Mexico where customers can come and grab a snack and a refrehment, that's what Maria Vega called her project.

After years of working to build other peoples dreams. She decided to start her own business, Every day she would get up very early and start working on her prep for her delicious Mexican snacks and candy such as Candied Apples with Tamarind and Chamoy she would go out to the streets of Mesa AZ with a cooler full of her delicious home made snacks from her native Obregon Sonora.

Working with the available social media platforms in networks 2013 she realized that people liked her products and she decided that this would be her next business. She began the task of looking for a Storefront to build her dream, she did not imagine the obstacles she had to go through, the rules the permits and other hundred tasks that comes with a owning a stable business, but she knew how to work hard and it was her desire to have something and to be someone in this beautiful country full of opportunities for all those who are willing to work for it.

And so Maria Vega took the opportunity, overcoming language barriers and much more, the dream so long awaited by Maria Vega began. On April 16, 2016, she opened the doors of MV Snacks & Sushi accompanied by her husband and her 3 daughters and her work team, thus beginning a great dream...

Years later with a lot of love and dedication to her business, it has been a very generous experience, giving her the opportunity to work hand in hand with her eldest daughter Jackie, who began to be her right hand partner in the business and in collaboration, they opened new businesses, which they manage as a family.

Maria Vega is filled with happiness thinking that with all the love in the world, dedication and a lot of effort, she is making a heritage for her daughters, JACKIE, EVELYNE, JOSELYNE, teaching them that with hard work and dedication all dreams come true.

Maria's advice
"Go ahead and chase your dreams, work for them and never stop dreaming and growing"

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